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Why Integra i3?
World class, breaks the record in the speed of frying in only 35 seconds.

Professional quality of final product. Superbly prepared, crispy and tasty French fries. Masterpiece of speed and quality. When machine starts to fry you can be sure in quality that lasts and lasts. Quality is measured by the speed of final product and customers satisfaction when consuming final product.

Integra i3 key ability lies in the declared time specification production, smooth and continuous operation without any mechanical intervention. We are offering you possibility of showing our product in your environment in order to show the power and masterpiece for your customers.

Feel the other views of leadership in new dimension of service. World class in your environment.

Key features of production

Fastest manufacturer of delicious and crunchy fries in the world (the baking cycle 35 seconds)
I3 machine produces French fries Fry of any type (species) or producer of frozen fries
Smooth and flawless production without the influence of man in any part of the working
Superior processing technology and mechanical skills in self-service device


Enough space to make a big deal
By raising the standards we have created a large volume of the machine - sufficient capacity in all directions. We've thought of everything. Integra i3 machine has a volume of frozen raw material (potatoes) to 650 cm3, which provides a sufficient amount of baking 100 large portions of 110 grams. Accompanies autonomy and capacity of oil and water, thus achieving the independence of even 2 business days of continuous operation with an average capacity of 50 servings per day.

It is 50% greater capacity than the machine Integra i1. You can make huge profits in a little time, combining the speed of the machine, frequency of location, impeccable reliability and quality of the final. Finally, the machine i3 is created, designed, constructed and tested for this purpose.

Key features

Filtered smells through a closed water system filter allows installation in confined spaces
The large volume of raw frozen French-fries allows serving more than 100 servings of 110 grams
Great autonomy of time perspective
It makes easier to multitask keeping with entrepreneurs who operate with multiple machines
Large LED display makes marketing messages easily carried out and seen within customers


Optimized machine INTEGRA i3 – automatic self cleaning process
Food preparation is a very challenging and important task for human health.

We have created a machine that works independently and perfectly clean without any side effects in terms of pollution of any kind, including the environment - air. Next to the above, the machine can be installed indoors or outdoors (corridors in areas facilities, bars, discos, hospitals, beaches, passenger station, the airport and etc).

Also, the machine uses the most advanced energy-saving technology (class A + +), resulting in rational labour costs in terms of electricity and water for cleaning, especially water of only 6 litres, in his specially prepared tanks and gives great autonomy to work.

Key features

0% inside cleaning and maintenance required
A++ energy class of automatic machine cleaning
Possibility of automatic cleaning process management using mobile phone


Easy to use and inexpensive to maintain, machine Integra I3.
Provides all for easy application.

Key features

Does not require complex installation
No oil leaks, air pollution or any adverse effect on media placements / air environment
Base of machine fits easily into a plane thanks to the adjustable brackets
Simple shipped to a location (the machine has its own wheels)
Uses little energy for cleaning and maintenance, machine class A + +


Professional engineering and expertise have led to the largest machine speeds.
Designed to withstand and built to last.

Key features

Integra I3 is made from parts and components that are as much as 30% more powerful, stronger and better than the machine Integra i1, which achieves exceptional speed operation
Industrial strength stainless steel materials from class A4 - AISI 316 and up
Enhenced acceleration time of machine production
Designed to handle any type of frozen raw materials - fries, various types and suppliers


Fast machine I3 requires even faster software
Key features

Manageability software is extremely fast, which ensures a smooth and organized work driving machine parts
The machine in terms of distance to initiate the extraordinary activities (additional washing), putting into operation of the drive or shut
Sensor tracking of the machine in terms of information about the state treasury (money collected), inventories of materials (raw materials, water, oil, salt, sauce) and a control chamber


New design - a semicircular shape is eye catcher which increasing sales by 25%
Key features

Excellent and stylish design fits great in any setting inside or outside space
Black sandwich panels machine contributing to the strength, resilience and appearance
The material is resistant to temperature changes
The smooth surface of the material allows for easy external maintenance (deleting the exterior of the machine)
Compounded with pride at the factory Integra, Varazdin, Croatia, Europe


Company with respect and responsible business relationship. We are ready to help you if you need help.

On-line support is available during the 6 days of the week
Our staff is highly trained and automatically is building answer database in order to provide instant answer on similar question.
All the questions gets an answer within 12 hours of receipt (time zone GMT +1)
Feel the change with our team of maintenance, a new experience (videos, instructions)


Quality control of the oil in the service of health and customer satisfaction
Quality control of the oil in the service of health and customer satisfaction
When we talk about the quality of the oil pan for health customers, we emphasize that the Integra I3 only machine in the world that has a microprocessor system quality oil level, and as such monitors of particulate matter (FFA) in the oil after each firing cycle.

After detection of saturation, ie, when noticing that the proportion of FFA greater than 2.5% (as prescribed by the European Union), the oil is changed automatically, replaced by a new, and the used oil is stored in a waste canister.